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In addition to our broad range of services we also have a shop stocked with useful products that will help candidates and employers through the recruitment process. We always try to link up with the best suppliers but if you would like to nominate a new service then please let us know.

  • CV Writing Service

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  • Otter Books

    We have linked up with Amazon and Abe Books - huge resource of second hand books to provide you with a wide range of books to help with all aspects of recruitment from both a candidate and employer perspective. Both offer new and used books so you don’t have to spend a fortune finding the right book.

  • Executive Coaching

    Being an effective leader in the current environment offers many challenges. We have linked up with leading Executive coaches Familias: add link to help you develop yourself for the next step.

    Familias & Company provides Executive Coaching at senior and board levels in family and non-family firms to help individuals and teams manage the transitions they face, the choices they have and the potential they possess. We work hard to ensure that our clients see progress and measure success on their developmental journey and provide a confidential, nurturing environment within which to do so. Whether you face a new role, have been promoted, need to manage your board or family more effectively, or simply need to think about your future, we use a wide variety of tools and methodologies to support you. All Familias & Company coaches are fully accredited and are experienced business leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds.

  • Relocation

    A new role will often involve a move from familiar territory.

    Otter Recruitment will facilitate UK and International moves.

    We will advise on:

    • Schools
    • Local services
    • And much more

    Prices for this service will depend on the complexity of the information required.

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