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Finding the right people for your organisation is key to your future success. We would like to help facilitate the process by working closely with you. We service clients across the country and we are always keen to meet our clients on their premises to get a proper flavour of the business.


The first question we are usually asked is "how much?"

We can send you a list of fees-which have been calculated to reflect current market conditions-or let's talk about it and agree a fee that makes us both happy.


We provide a wide range of services that will help you with your recruitment needs:

  • Recruitment

    We aim to offer a comprehensive service at a reasonable cost. So all recruitment fees will include, data base search-we use the industry leading Bond Adapt that maximises the use of our extensive data base. We will also carry out search and selection and optimise social and recruitment web sites where relevant.

  • Employer Branding

    Branding really takes two forms. Firstly how you convey your message to your customers and secondly how you convey your message to existing and prospective employees-Employer Branding. These are two different tasks.

    Employer Branding made easy:
    We will work with you to put together a company prospectus that will allow potential employees to understand everything about you. They will still have to do some homework but at least they will be on track. These very professional looking documents convince hard to find candidates of your intent and can also be used to show existing employees how much you value them.

    Mini web sites:
    We can work with you to put together a mini web site that will educate candidates about your company and vacancies-these will also hyper link to your web site.

    We can put together very cost effective advertisng bundles in the National and Trade press both in their titles and on line. We also work closely with online media such as Twitter and Linked In.

  • Legal Advice

    Employment law can be a daunting prospect. However it is often essential as an employer that you have a strong handle on it’s implications. In order to help you with any aspects in regard to employment law we have teamed up with leading employment lawyers - Gibson and Co. For more information, click here.

If you would like a meeting then please contact us:

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