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Otter recruitment has been set up by Charlie Bennett. Charlie has a background in sales and marketing having worked for many years in the media industry selling advertising and developing publishing projects. For the last five years he has been working in recruitment. He has covered a number of different markets at different levels and across the whole country.

Having seen both sides of the fence as an employer and as a recruiter Charlie decided it was time to bring his experiences together in the form of Otter Recruitment.

He noticed that much of the recruitment process has become just that, a process. The personal touch is often missing. Your career can form the main journey of your life. So to make that journey as enjoyable and as fulfilling as possible Charlie believes he has a responsibility to provide excellent opportunities that will take candidates onto the next step.

From an employer's point of view Charlie has noticed that finding the best talent has become increasingly difficult as competitors vie for the best talent Otter recruitment is all about getting under the skin of its clients and where possible becoming a part of the furniture. So when people are needed, the right solution is found in a sensible time frame at a cost that doesn't cause the client to wince.

Charlie lives in Northumberland with his family. When not on the phone or wearing a hole in his Blackberry he can usually be found tending his herd of Dexter cattle.

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"Charlie took the time to get to know me and my aspirations to help me with the next step in my career."

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